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Hey, welcome to Flamin' Marvellous. I'm Steve and along with a few pals, we own the food truck. We're a mobile catering crew serving footlong sausage rolls, bratwurst, and hotdogs at festivals and we're also available for private hire.  It all started in 2013 when we opened our first sausage stall at the Howth Market in Dublin.  

Two years later we'd perfected our flamin' marvellous sausage. Sourcing the best Irish meat, from an award winning local supplier, we offer premium sizzling FREE RANGE sausages. Couple that with our artisan baker, who delivers freshly baked rolls to us every morning, and you've a match made in heaven. 

 In 2017 we decided to expand our Howth stall to bring our delicious sausages to you, wherever you are.  We got ourselves a pretty little catering trailer and now offer crepes as part of our service. 

We take our work seriously. Wherever the trailer goes, so do we. We're there making sure our flamin' marvellous food is served to you at the very highest standard.

Our motto is: only the best will do.



CLONANNY FARM supplies us with sausages made from pork from their herd of free range, rare breed pigs.
All their pigs  live outdoors and are free to root, graze and forage.
All sausages have a minimum of 80% meat content and are 100% IRISH.


Heart and soul bakery delivers us the finest bread every morning.

They are opting to use 3 main ingredients to make the bread - Flour, Water & Salt. By using traditional techniques and only natural ingredients allow them to produce incredible results. The breads are free from chemical additives & improvers. 

The Catering Trailer


We designed our catering trailer ourselves. It has two gas griddles, three fridges, three sinks with hot and cold water and plenty of storage to serve any size crowd in next to no time.

When we pitch down at any event, the hydraulic system lowers the trailer to the ground to ease the serving - no wheels, no reaching, no spills. We want to make things as easy as possible for you.



Flamin' Marvellous

17 Roselawn Close


Dublin 15



Tel: 085 142 4227

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