Tortilla Chips With Homemade Guacamole 

Corn Tortilla (Gluten Free)  

Tortilla Chips With Salsa Sauce 

Corn Tortilla (Gluten Free)

Cheesy Nachos - Tortilla Chips with Cheese on top 

Corn Tortilla (Gluten Free)

(Contains: Milk)


Choice of Filling

Mexican style Chilli Con Carne: 

Juicy 100% irish beef mince with chilli, red kidney beans, tomato and pepper

(Contains: Celery)

Diced Cajun Chicken: 

Diced, grilled chicken breast with our cajun recipe.

 (Contains: Barley, Celery, Mustard, Soya)


Pulled Pork with Chorizo:

Slow cooked shoulder of pork with Chorizo and Mexican seasoning.

(Contains: Wheat, Soya, Celery, Cumin)


Vegetarian Mix: 

Courgette, aubergine, onion  with coconut milk.




Large flour tortilla (contains:Wheat) filled with mexican brown rice, your choice of filling and salsa, black beans, sauteed pepper and onion, sweet corn, jalapeños, sour cream, grated cheese, lettuce

Burrito Bowl

Exactly the same ingredients as the regular Burrito but in a box instead of a flour tortilla to cater for celiac people.

Mexican Chicken Bowl (Gluten free)

Chicken grilled to perfection turns out so juicy and we add it over a bed of rice and sweet corn with tomatoes, sauteed pepper and onion, cilantro topped with Guacamole  and some fresh lemons. 


Large flour tortilla ( contains:Wheat)  with grated cheese, choice of filling, beans, sweet corn and jalapeños. Sour cream, guacamole, salsa and salad on the side.


3 soft (contains:Wheat) or 3 crispy corn taco shells  with lettuce, black beans, guacamole, choice of fillings and salsa.

Nachos (Gluten Free) Corn tortilla chips with  your choice of filling and salsa, jalapeños and grated cheese, sour cream, guacamole.

Large Nachos

Small Nachos

Chilli con Carne with Chips

(Contains: Celery)

Chilli con Carne with Rice

(Contains: Celery)





(Contains: Soya, Egg, Wheat, Milk) 





Tortilla chips  110 g  

Homemade Guacamole  3 oz 

Sour Cream  3 oz 

(Contains: Milk)

Grated cheese  4 oz 

(Contains: Milk)

Jalapeno  2 oz  

Mild Salsa  Pico de Gallo  3 oz  

Medium Salsa  3 oz  

Hot Salsa  3 oz  





Cheesy Chips 

(Contains: Milk)

Peri Peri  Chips 

Mexican Brown Rice


surrender to the sizzle